Meet Kelley

Kelley Harper, Facilitator, TrainerFacilitator Kelley Harper has over 25 years of business experience leading, coaching and developing individuals and teams resulting in more collaborative, effective work environments.

Kelley is known for her innovative ideas and efficiency, her insight, energy, and enthusiasm, as well as her ability to quickly get to the core of an issue to create results.

Along with these skills, she has business experience in leading and managing teams in Marketing, Marketing Communications, Sales, International and Organizational Development.

She has earned the titles of everything from Producer to VP of Marketing and she understands what it takes to work with organizations to foster more collaborative, productive and inspiring work environments. She has produced outstanding results in facilitated sessions, workshops, seminars and individual coaching sessions.

Using models such as Insights, 3H facilitation, Open Space Technology and World Café Discussions she assists groups and organizations to change the way they collaborate and work together. Her areas of expertise include interpersonal effectiveness, team dynamics, relationship selling, leadership, strategic direction, project management, motivating and team building.

Kelley works with Global Leadership Teams, Senior Leaders, Business Owners, and Middle Management as well as intact teams within organizations. Kelley is an accredited Insights Practitioner/Facilitator. She has been working with Insights since its introduction into North America. She has designed, developed and delivered hundreds of programs for individuals, teams and organizations.