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The Insights Discovery Profile and Workshop

The Insights Discovery model provides a common language for effective interaction and organizational growth. The system is based on three pillars:

Understanding Self
Understanding Others
Understanding the Collective Energy of a Team

During a half day workshop, we use these pillars and the The Insights Discovery Profile to educate the group on how to leverage the individual and group strengths to increase performance, fulfillment and engagement at work.

By analyzing group energy, we can help teams or functional work groups anticipate their patterns and tendencies within the group. We work with groups to facilitate dialogues to uncover the group strengths and weaknesses in three areas: full energy capacity, comfort zone and stress/reaction mode. The group then uses their discoveries to change or improve their communication or working methods. This empowerment creates lasting change and impact.

The 3H Process

The 3H Process engages Hand, Head and Heart within each individual and a team. Big ideas, dreams, opinions and suggestions are collected and through the 3H process the team decides collectively where they want to focus and then we break those ideas down to actionable items with to do's and ownership.